8 Processor Mac ProRight, so I have two processors in my MacBook Pro, a laptop has two processors.

My brother, Ronnie, has four processors in his Mac Pro, a desktop.

We need more! More! More!

Apple gives us 8 processors for a Mac Pro! What is next, four processors for a MacBook Pro? Who knows? MacExpo is coming up and we have seen crazy things.

The news on the new Mac Pro is wild, just see Techmeme for some of the many stories…

Darren Rowse has a great line:

fastest mac ever. how to convince wife 8 processor cores r needed 4 blogging

Excellent question and I hope to get the answer soon!

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  1. Pete W

    I’ve got to say, being honest, I completely fail to see the need for this. I mean, if you’re encoding video or doing high end audio/visual work, fine.

    But how many people are?

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