Daily Search Coverage:

Google sent me a letter, so I am a partner. Google Health is coming soon, would you dare? Google Domain Park gets stricter. Yahoo Search Marketing has keyword limits. SEMMYS are out. Usability over SEO? Google, don’t hurt me for footer links. Email marketing edges out search marketing. Politicians have to play nice on AdWords. Watch Google Maps edits in real-time. Search in pictures is out.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. SEO Company Using Generic Letter from Google to Attract New Clients
  2. Google Wants Your Medical Records : Google Health
  3. Google May Improve Domain Park Ads With “Ad Grace Period”
  4. Yahoo Search Marketing Max Keyword Limits
  5. The SEMMYs Finalists are In: Vote Now
  6. Some Sites Need Usability Makeovers, Not SEO
  7. Does Google Penalize Too Many Footer Links?

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. Google Domain Park To Cease Ads On Domain Tasting Sites
  2. Survey Says: Search Right Behind Email Marketing In Best-Performing Category
  3. Google AdWords Won’t Allow Personal Attacks On Politicians
  4. New: Real-Time Google Maps Edits In New Edits Viewer
  5. Search in Pictures: Google Cake, Banana Room, Kate Nash @ Yahoo

Daily Link Finds:

Daily Link Finds GraphicThis is the January 25th issue of a daily post that will contain links to commentary of the posts over at the Search Engine Roundtable. All links I find throughout the day that ad some commentary to the posts written over at the Search Engine Roundtable, will be in the Daily Link Finds. The purpose is two fold: (1) To help people find discussion around our articles and (2) To thank people for linking to us. How do I find these links? Only one way, via a Google Blog Search link command, so make sure that (1) you are in Google Blog Search and (2) link to us.

Daily Link Finds for January 25th, 2008:

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