Apple Time CapsuleWell, the Apple MacWorld Expo Keynote is now over. I am a bit disappointed with it.

Let’s go through my predictions even thought I normally don’t do predictions

(1) The “Tablet MacBooks” I predicted is actually a MacBook Air. Although you can’t touch the screen, the touch pad, is a “multi-touch.” That means “you can pinch, swipe, or rotate to zoom in on text, advance through a photo album, or adjust an image.” So it is somewhat tablet like, with that feature and it being extremely thin.

(2) Apple Cinema Displays with iSight’s built in :: I was dead wrong

(3) Something with an iPhone (bigger space, maybe 3G?) :: They have a new software update out, 1.1.3. It pretty much covers the rumored version. It is free, unlike the iTouch update which is not.

(4) A Mac pet to walk around your house, call it the iApple or something (kidding)… I was joking about this…

They did come out with Time Capsule, Apple’s answer to the lack of NAS support for Time Machine. So, you have to buy an Apple storage device to allow other Macs to back up on a single drive. The wireless is cool. They come in two versions, 500GB for $299.00 or 1TB for $499.00. I am happy with my solution and don’t plan on buying Time Capsule. Cute name…

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