missing sync iphoneRemember my problem with maxing out my iPhone text messages limit? It was a huge bummer having to have to delete some of those text messages.

Well, I didn’t delete them all and now I have a way of exporting those SMS messages to my Mac, through Missing Sync for iPhone. It not only gives me a way to back up all my text messages and SMS messages, it also allows me to quickly browse them on my Mac and even search for them. Not only that, I can also reply to SMS’s via email, if I want to. More on that over here.

Included is also a way to organize and search iPhone notes and search call logs.

So now I can delete more SMS messages off my iPhone and not worry about them being gone forever.

FYI – this isn’t a real sync, it just pulls data from the iPhone over to your Mac.

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  1. Fjori


    I read your blog and I have the same problem with my iPhone. The only problem is that I have Windows operating system. Will this software still work?

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