twitterI like Twitter, I use it fairly often. I even automatically post my blog posts to Twitter.

Pause…. If you want to follow me on Twitter you can via these two Twitter accounts:

In any event, since I automatically post my blog posts to Twitter. People have been, more often then not, ‘commenting’ or ‘replying’ to my blog posts via Twitter and not leaving a comment on my blog posts.

Here are some examples of this in action:

I wrote a blog post about my new backup solution and I got this reply via Twitter. “adamap @rustybrick superduper is indeed super duper.”

I wrote a blog post about this cool curved monitor and I got three twitter responses and one comment on the blog. Lee Odden twittered “@rustybrick Re: TV – I do watch sports on a “secret” TV in my home office. Shhhhh :).” Jennifer Laycock twittered, “@rustybrick drool. That’s incredible. Robert would step on kittens to get that.” And Brian Mark twittered, “@rustybrick I’ll send my address so you can have a monitor shipped to me. :).” Yea right!

So, instead of having a total of 4 blog comments, I now have one blog comment. Would they have spent the time commenting at my blog? Who knows.

I just feel Twitter is stealing my blog comments. Twitter Cannibalization.

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  1. Dictina

    Umm, does it makes sense to do some kind of application that automatically writes in the related post the twitter comments to it?

  2. Barry Schwartz

    I thought of that guys… But the issue is Twitter replies are not twitter specific. So I don’t know which Twitter you are replying to. If there was a way to know exactly which post u replied to, then I would build that app, but the @ replies are not twitter specific.

    A shame.

  3. Sebastian

    I’d use an editable queue of all @replies left and posts in the right column, then drag and drop manually. Auto mapping seems impossible.

  4. Sebastian

    I’d use an editable queue of all @replies left and posts in the right column, then drag and drop manually. Auto mapping seems impossible.

    The slightly longer version:

    Merge your Twitter feeds, filter out everything w/o an @rustybrick or @seroundtable, and load that into a database table.

    Then do the same with your blogs.

    Then build an UI that has a browser of the twitter_replies table on the left, and a browser of the posts from all your blogs on the right. Enable assigning twits to posts per drag and drop.

    On drop create the comment attributes
    author = Twitter user name
    t2p_url =
    t2p_text = twit
    in a twits2posts table.

    With the contents of the twits2posts feed a script that writes the comments into the WP databases.


  5. Barry Schwartz

    So then I just select which blog post the twit is assigned to… I can do that daily…

    Doable… Probably not worth the effort for my MT blogs. But I can see WP users loving a feature like that.

    Still not 100% automated, but close.

  6. Sebastian

    In fact that’s not very different from approving blog comments manually. I’d consider it the same business process just utilizing a second user interface.

  7. Hawaii SEO

    The only reason why I don’t respond to you on Twitter because you’re not following me. 😉

    Also… It’s hard to figure out if you’re talking about your blog or not because of the tiny URL. Who knows what you’re linking to?

    Maybe you should start the Tweat with – Blog Post: Post Title – Or something like that?

  8. Barry Schwartz

    Hawaii SEO, following you now, sorry about that.

    I only Twitter things at the rustybrick twitter if it is personal blog stuff, so I think its cool to twitter. But I hear you, it makes it confusing if you should reply via twitter or blog…

    But the format is consistant… Proper Title : tinyurl

    Always like that

  9. Sebastian

    When you create the blog comments as unapproved you should be able to make use of whatever automated tool you have.

    Anyway, whether automation makes sense or not depends on how desperately you want the twits on your blogs. Sure, it’s another daily task, but maybe worth it. Also, when you’d make that a WP plugin with a fancy ajax’ed UI, you’d get a shitload of links.

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