Something I didn’t know until now. But now, I go… Oh, I hear the Israeli accent a bit….

This MacBook Air commercial:

Has a song by an Israeli artist named Yael Naim:

Now, do you hear the Israeli accent? A little?

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  1. Ross Dunn

    Wow, what an incredible voice she has. I hope she puts out more english songs, I find her accent and lyrics quite hypnotic. Thanks Barry.

  2. Mitch

    I love this song. It is a great folksong, and a great and deep video. Many nuances. Cool. I hope she makes it and keeps her spirit.

  3. Rebecca Kelley

    I really like this song, and just now the commercial came on so I Googled “macbook air song.” Lo and behold, Barry’s post comes up as the #1 result. 😀

  4. Cory D.

    The accent you are hearing is French as that is her native tongue. If you listen to some French, you will know.

  5. Anita

    I simply love this song. I can actually feel my heart responding to the music and her beautiful voice.

  6. liam leaver

    It is the best song i have lisend to. it brings out all your good emoshens and I like it because of the tempo and the beat. its a nice carm song .once again i love it grate song. i hope theres a new song like that

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