Andrew GoodmanI wrote this post named I Am A Horrible Sales Man like one and a half years ago and now Andrew Goodman takes issue with it in his It’s All About Sales series. A year and a half later?!

Andrew Goodman is a person I respect, so it caught my attention right away. OKAY, everything catches my attention right away, so no need to mention I respect Andrew- but I do… Back on topic…………… (period key got stuck there for a bit)

Andrew said that my post shows to him that I am a clever salesman. He said:

I increasingly realized that this was proof that Barry is, on several levels, actually quite a clever salesman.

But honestly, I really really think I am not a good salesman. But it doesn’t stop Andrew from thinking otherwise. He goes through several of my bullet points on why I I Am A Horrible Sales Man and turns them around. Pretty clever yourself.

The dress and “well groomed” comments are fun also. As you can see, Andrew is a well-groomed guy – that is his picture in this post. He admitted to this, “I thought my last haircut just didn’t “take,” so I went in for another one a good two weeks ahead of my usual schedule.” Wow, I go into the haircut place and they ask me how I like it, I say – “quick please.” I don’t even bother looking to make sure they cut my hair evenly.

Can’t wait for Part II. 🙂

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    U MUST BE A GOOD SALES MAN otherwise we all wouldnt be coming every day to this website to read all about u and all

    and your haircut maybe next time STOP AND LOOK they dont even cut ur hair

  2. Andrew G

    Barry, it didn’t feel like a year and a half ago. I guess I have a mind like a steel trap!

    On the grooming issue, someone told me I should use “Sears Portrait Studio” (this was actually someone from MarketingSherpa when we were putting together a landing page for my handbook a long time ago), so I did – hence the “well groomed look and feel” of that particular photo.

    Now I will also admit that I go in for haircuts a bit more often sometimes because the gal who cuts it these days, Margaret, tells great stories about her running over her uncle’s dock in a jet ski, and parties she attends with Hollywood celebrities. She also gives great movie recommendations for action films. I ignore these.

    Trust me, I did not take issue with your post. I think it revealed some important things about our business. I think there are two types of technology sales folks, the more organic ones that know their stuff, and the salesy ones. You can get away with being salesy in some industries, but often this backfires and puts clients on their heels in my experience.

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