design_keyboardanim20070208.gifI dropped off my laptop with at Apple Store Friday at about 2pm, after getting it back Apple ProCare for $99, I would be guaranteed to have it within 24 hours. So, I signed up.

I came home and I received a call at about 4:15pm, ten minutes before I had to go offline for Shabbos, that the computer was fixed. I told them I would come by Saturday night to pick it up, since I was unable to make it there and back before Shabbos.

I am also very glad they did it before Shabbos actually started. I was hoping they would do it either before or after Shabbos, this way I know a Jewish person did not work for me on Shabbos… So I am relieved about that.

It was weird typing with the keyboard. S, tab, esc, X and cutting text, all worked. I was so not use to it working. Glad to have those keys back!

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  1. Michael Meiser

    I to am having this exact same issue. Particularly with the “s” key not working half the time.

    This is my 3rd mac powerbook starting with the black G3, the the first gen tibook and now a macbook pro. Specifically it’s a Macbook Pro 17″ 2.16 dual core, model MacBookPro1,2 according to the system profiler.

    I’ve generally been VERY happy with my macbook’s which have all been retired still working despite a few problems.

    My old mac I could easily remove the keyboard and clean it every once in a while, I don’t think I can with this model. I was hoping it was a firmare thing, but it certainly seems to be a hardware thing since the s-key works when i press toward the top of the key and not the bottom.

    I believe this one is still under warranty but I’m desperate for as much information as I can get on this issue.

    If you can provide any info at all please let me know. You can respond right here or via email. I’m using to track my comments.

    Thanks for posting about the issue.

  2. Christopher

    Were you given any additional info about the problem. In the original post you write “It was hardware, not a software issue.” Does this mean that the Keyboard (only) was replaced?

  3. ViaMac

    This is fascinating stuff. While my “z” key works, my shift+z doesn’t. All I get is . So far, I think everything else functions just fine. I’m still within my one year warranty plus I have the AppleCare plan on my MacBook Pro 15″. Guess I should find my local Apple Store, huh.

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