Along with the iPhone Google Maps Triangularization, there is this new feature that let’s you customize your home screen.

You basically hold press down one of the icons for a second and then the icons or buttons on the screen begin to dance and shake. Here is a video…

Gotta love how those icons shake…

So I set up a new page on my iPhone home screen just for certain web bookmarks I use very often. In the past, I left about 5 bookmarked pages open in my iPhone’s Safari tabs. I believe this solution may be a tad quicker. Here is that screen devoted to just web bookmarks, at least for now…

Customize iPhone Home Screen Icons

FYI, I got to give myself credit for taking such a great picture of my iPhone. Normally, these pictures come out all shaky and hard to read. I got so lucky with this one…

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  1. Randy

    THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to figure out how to add icons to my iPhone desktop for ever!

  2. nick

    Randy, press and hold down over any icon and they riggle. then selct the icon you dont want and an X becomes availble above it. click the X and its gone 🙂

  3. Aaron


    Turns out there is an undocumented feature built in to the iPhone as long as you’re running the 2.0 firmware (on either the Edge or the 3g iPhone).

    Taking iPhone Screenshots:

    1. Navigate the iPhone to the screen you want to create an image of
    2. While holding the Home button, press and release the Lock Sleep/Wake button Your screen will flash letting you know that the screenshot was taken
    3. Navigate to your Camera Roll library (Photos)The most recent image should be the screencapture you just created

    Credit goes to Make Magazine.

  4. David


    Somehow my iphone 3g (2.1) creates empty bookmarks and stacks them on my home screen. They arent visual but you can tap on them and delete them, but somehow it creates new ones, just empty ones, and when i download new apps they end up at a new window. Anyone who knows what to do to get rid of these annoying empty bookmarks?? please reply to

    thanks alot guys!

  5. iphone master

    you can take a screenshot by quickly pressing home then power at the same time and it will be in photos under “saved”

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