SEJ Blog Awards 2007Wanted to thank you all for voting for me and my blogs, as per my request, it was really appreciated.

We manage to win two awards at the Search Engine Roundtable and three awards at Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Roundtable Won:

Search Engine Land Won:

It is nice to come away with all those wins and being a part of each of those.

Unfortunately, I did not win the Most Giving Search Blogger award. Rand Fishin of SEOmoz won that one. He has proven time and time again, not only to give up some of his most valued SEO/SEM strategies but has also given over his financials for his company for all to see. If that isn’t giving, then I don’t know what is.

Honestly, I was really hoping to win that award. I came in third place again this year. 5 votes behind Rand, and 1 vote behind Danny Sullivan. It is honestly a bit discouraging not to win. Why? Well, posting well over ten blog posts per day for the search industry. Rarely do I ever miss a work day for posting news. Waking up at 5:30am each day to be able to give this to the industry and also do my day job at RustyBrick. Tracking thousands and thousands of your blogs and linking to dozens of them each day on Search Engine Land’s SearchCap.

But at the same time, I understand why Rand won. Where he provides deep insight into SEO techniques he uses at SEOmoz, I rarely would provide something in that much detail. Rand literally showed us his profit and loss statement, I would never do that. Rand asked for our advice on bring in a venture capitalist. Rand gives so much time to those who ask him and plus he has a very strong community at SEOmoz.

I am so delighted we won five awards, I feel greedy for being disappointed in myself for not winning that one award.

I have posted more details about the awards at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Update: Well, there is a Sphinn Thread with some awesome comments supporting me on this. Which I appreciate but I honestly feel horrible taking anything away from this awesome award earned by Rand. Rand won it, I did not. He is a good guy.

Thank you Pratt, Lisa, Tamar and everyone.

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