twitterIt’s not enough you scrap my forum posts, my blog posts, my articles and my web site content but you also have to scrap my Twits!

Just kidding… There is this SEO who does reverse Twitter to Blog automatic posting. You got me. Whereas I do Blog to Twitter posts, RKF does Twitter to Blog posts.

His blog is at Created Wonder and you can clearly see, his posts from his twitter alias RFK, is being published to his blog.

Example: He replied to a twitter of mine saying:

@rustybrick I’ve tried replacing batteries, but usually end up with a new UPS. The price is pretty close, look for trade-in rebates

But, check his blog post on that over at this URL.

Twitter to Blog

Too funny.

An SEO technique? Playing with my mind? Just bored one day? Loves APIs?

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  1. RKF


    You should see what happens when I have that plugin set to post a Tweet each time a blog post is created. It becomes a vicious Tweet-Blog-Tweet cycle.

    PS – Bored & APIS

  2. Search_Junkie

    That is too funny. Barry, you are definitely a Twitter addict. But now imnotadoctor and myself are sucked in. I knew that when I inspired imnotadoctor to Twitter that I was opening a can of worms.

    RFK, that is a great tool. Fresh content was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first got sucked in to Twitter and came across the twitter plugin for blogs. I use it on but want to change the entire site and add Twitter to the sidebar like imnotadoctor did.

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