IsraelTomorrow I am off to Israel. It is a vacation, family-thing, and business trip for RustyBrick and SEO thing. What work will I be doing while on this vacation?

  • SphinnCon Israel
  • Meet one or two RustyBrick clients
  • Invoicing clients this Friday
  • Daily email
  • Forum research and threads for the Search Engine Roundtable
  • RSS search research for Search Engine Land
  • And I am sure misc items

Will this upset the wife? Probably but I will do my best to wake up earlier to get this stuff out of the way during sleep hours.

I just take my responsibilities incredibly serious – so I can’t leave RustyBrick, clients, Tamar or Danny and team, and the SEM community hanging…

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  1. Tuppy Glossop

    Not sure where your first stop is, but do check the weather if you’re headed straight to Jerusalem or to my area, Gush Etzion.

    We’re in the middle of a pretty serious winter storm, and traffic isn’t moving anywhere. I mean, be real … Israeli drivers aren’t great on a regular day. Can you imagine what they’re like in snow & ice?

    Hope travel is easy; looking forward to meeting you next week at SphinnCon.

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