Israel 2008As promised, I will be sharing many of the experiences I had during my Israel trip on this blog. I figured I start from our starting point, the flight to Israel.

My wife, my mother and father all took the same flight. In fact, I booked them all, so that I could make sure we all sit next to each other. My parents best friends ended up on that flight as well. But the rest of the Bar Mitzvah crew and friends took other flights. We didn’t get the best price but we go fair prices.

In any event, we flew Continental because they had the best price at the time for the dates we wanted to go. In addition, I fly continental a lot and I wanted the miles. We took the afternoon flight that got us in Friday morning. We boarded the plane about an hour late, If I remember correctly and didn’t take off until after 2 hours after the time we were suppose to. The picture above is me checking email as often as possible before we were about to take off. In fact, we didn’t take off until it was after dark.

The movies on the way to Israel were pretty bad. Sadly, I did not sleep. But it was Friday and I slept a lot Friday night and was ready to go Saturday morning.

There were really no glitches on the flight to Israel. We landed an hour or two after scheduled but it worked out well. My Israeli Brother (who comments here every now and then) picked us up in a van and took us back to his place.

The security on Continental seems like a joke compared to El Al, but what do I know. The flight was less packed then a typical El Al flight because the plane is smaller. Continental had seats in the format of 3-3-3, my El Al flights are in the format of 3-5-3 and seem like they have more rows. So less people = less noise and it was less noisy.

So that was my flight to Israel on Continental. More to come in a series of posts on my trip to Israel in 2008.

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    Continetal is much better becuase always less people

    also the food is usally better too
    and more room

    did u have to sit next toi the wife or no

    otherwise it would be an AWESOME flight

  2. First time to Israel

    How much did the total flight to Israel cost?? I’m booking for a flight right now, so was curious what you considered an honest fare…


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