Ronnie - My Twin BrotherI have written about him time and time again in the family and RustyBrick categories, most recently the post named My Brother & Sister-in-Law Had a Baby Girl Last Night.

In any event, Taylor Pratt wrote about The Secret to Becoming an SEO Celebrity and mentioned something about me possibly having “an identical twin” or a “clone” of myself. Although I don’t have an “identical” twin, I do have a twin brother. The guy in the picture in the post.

He and I own and run RustyBrick. He is basically the behind the scenes man at the company. He actually came up with the name RustyBrick in high school, based on his initials are RBS, so it was RustyBrickSoftware until we formed a real business and wanted to keep it short and made it RustyBrick. More on our old name and old web sites over here.

So, yes, I have a twin that helps me tremendously. He handles the day to day RustyBrick stuff. I get the client, get them going and then he is the one who gets his hands dirty with the day to day. I would not be able to do all the blogging I do without him.

I can talk a lot more about him but I’ll spare you all. For those who did not know, now you do. I got a twin brother.

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  1. pratt

    I knew I was onto something! 😉

    I’m surprised we never heard from him before. It must be fun running a business with your brother.

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