New Baby GirlLast night was an exciting night for me and my family. My twin-brother, who is the co-owner and founder of RustyBrick (which some of you may or may not know, he is the behind the scenes guy) and his wife had a little baby girl last night.

My brother left work a bit early in anticipation of the delivery. I get a call that it is likely going to happen. That night, my sister-in-law’s mother and aunt were coming in from Texas. My brother was the one who was going to pick them up, but obviously he could not. So I offered and drove to pick them up at Newark (yea, I have been to Newark Airport a lot this week). About 10 minutes from driving back home, we find out they had a baby girl.

So instead of taking them to Ronnie’s home, I take them directly to the hospital. I drop them off in front and then park the car. I then go up to the room to check out my new niece. Of course, I snap a picture on my iPhone – the one you see above. The mother, father and baby are all doing well.

I then snapped a picture of the fresh foot prints. We literally got there within 30 minutes of the baby being born, so the ink on that paper is still wet.

New Baby Girl Feet

Cute kid, no? That makes for a second girl!

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  1. Josh

    Congrats Barry.

    Now that you’ve become a new uncle you’re going to have to turn into a one man reminder service too – trust me forgetting their birthday is a huge no no.

    I forgot my nieces and nephews birthdays one too many times but with my reminder service for all the wicked uncles out there you’ll never have to deal with a sulking kid (lucky you).

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