Patrick GavinThere are some people who have a lot of history in the industry and there are some people who have made a huge impact on the industry. Patrick Gavin in one person who has both in the SEO industry.

Patrick Gavin the co-founder of Text Link Ads (TLA), arguably the most well known company in the SEO space, has written one of his first personal blog entries at named History of TLA. Patrick has come a really long way, from working in his family’s brick restoration company to now being the President of Display Advertising at MediaWhiz, who now owns TLA.

In Patrick’s post, he takes us through how TLA got its start and where it is today. I am proud to say that RustyBrick, my company, has a part in it. I won’t get into what we have done, Patrick explained that, but I would like to add some personal notes.

To see a man like Patrick and his business partner Bill Fish see so much success within a short period of time makes me so happy. I know Patrick and Bill for a long time. On both a personal and professional level, I can personally say, they are honest, respectful and most importantly caring people. They are both good old fashion people and to see that with two individuals who have seen such change in under five years, that is something to look up towards.

Let me tell you a little story. Back during SES NY 2005 I think, I forget now… I invited a bunch of people out for dinner. The list included, and I hope I don’t leave anyone out, Patrick Gavin, Chris Boggs, Ben Pfeiffer, Gary Price, Jim Lanzone (old-CEO of Ask), and Matt Cutts of Google. Besides for having all these smart people in one room, eating a nice meal together – there was some tension.

Even back then, there was this tension between Google and Text Link Ads. The people behind those companies were Matt Cutts who represented Google and Patrick Gavin who represented Text Link Ads (so the tension might have been perceived as between those two individuals). I can tell you that I was a bit nervous about the two sitting at a table together, just because of all the history there. But the thing is, both Patrick and Matt are stand up guys who have hearts and care about people. Let me say this, there was zero tension once we all sat down and had dinner. The conversation was excellent, there was fun chat and exchanges of ideas. There was no fighting, arguing and so on.

I just wanted to add that tidbit to TLA’s history post. Not that it made any difference in TLA’s history, but it is a point in TLA’s history that will always stand out to me.

It is great to see guys like Patrick, Bill and Matt (with Google’s IPO) all see such great success in the ventures they set forth in. They are all such good people and deserve all the best.

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  1. chris boggs

    That was a great dinner. As I recall Gary Price did a great job at helping “break the ice” with his usual laundry list of excellent topics of discussion and cool sites he had discovered. Of course little did we know that Jim was soon to become CEO of Ask. I recall him being very personable. Patrick of course is the man, and I vaguely remember Matt asking me what I thought about something that was going on with Google and China?

    I thought it was going to be tense but it most certainly wasn’t. I am sure state dinners between Diplomats of warring countries often have the same cordial tone…why talk about war when you can relax and eat an awesome steak? We should do that again…

  2. Ben Pfeiffer

    That was an awesome dinner. It was cool to see those guys on a personal level instead of behind a speaker stand or surrounded by a group of people. I was impressed how laid back Matt & Jim where. Every year we went to the Prime Grill was one of the highlights to my trip to SES. Ahhh the good ole days. 🙂

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