I think I got an hour or maybe even two on the flight back from San Jose to New York last night. Yes, I am writing this while on the plane. I rarely sleep on planes but I am extremely happy with the hour or so.

So my plan for today:

– Land safely at 5:50am
– Get to my car (I hope it is there in one piece) at 6:20am
– 45 minute drive home (need to stay awake while driving)
– Say hi to wife at 7am
– Pray 7:15am
– Emails
– Get to office by 8am
– Work forum threads and blog at SER as quickly as possible
– RSSes and stuff for SEL and blog
– Catch up on RB work
– Etc. Etc.
– Leave work at about 4 or 5
– Get Ready for Shabbos
– Go to synagogue
– Come home and eat
– Go to sleep by 8:30pm
– Wake up at 8:30am

Right now it is 5:10am (EST), I hope we start our way downwards soon…

Live now

Before posting this… I landed on time, and actually got to the office at 7:30am, so ahead of schedule.

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