LuggageTo continue my story and probably end the blog posts on my Israel Trip, I thought I end with the story of the missing bag.

As I finish unloading my parents stuff into their house and begin loading my bags into my car to drive back home, I notice a big purple suitcase is missing. I ask my father if he took it inside. Nope, not at his house. I frantically look through the cars to make sure its not there and it is gone.

I then relax myself and think. I remember now. I carefully took the bag off the cart to first load the larger bags into the car. As I began loading the larger bags, a car pulled up and blocked my view of the big purple bag. I thought I loaded everything, but I forgot the big purple bag at the curb.

I then pull out my baggage claim tickets, isolate the bag claim number for the missing bag and call a couple numbers. No one is helpful. One person said, we don’t check the curb. You have to go back and see if it is there – note, I am about one hour from the airport now and I have been traveling for like 20 hours at this point. I asked, can you patch me into the baggage claim desk at Newark Airport Terminal C. They said no. So I call the Newark Airport Police who give me the number for that area. I call but no answer, it says on the machine – Leave a message with the details and we may get back to you, we are very very busy – good luck (or something like that).

At that point, I figure my only choice is to drive back to the terminal and check if I can find the bag. My wife is sick, so I can’t have her come back with me. Yes, I wanted a second person to wait by the car just in case I have to go into the terminal. Time was of the essence here, anyone could have picked it up and taken it home with them. So I drop off my bags at home and then pick up my mother – who was also 20 hours traveling but offered to come with (mothers are the best).

We jet to Newark, as we get closer I get more antsy… We finally pull up and I look at the location of where I placed the bag. It is NOT there!!!!

I then tell my mom to wait by the car and I run into the terminal and head towards the baggage claim. There is one attendant there. She is helping another customer and one more is in front of me. She sees by my eyes that I am a bit nervous and asks if she can help me. I said, I left a big purple bag here, did you see it?

Guess what she says???

Why would you leave your bag here?

I was thinking to myself… Are you crazy, I left it for fun, to make your job harder. But I responded, it was an accident, I did not mean to and I am sorry.

She said, yes we have it. A cop brought it in earlier. I big sigh of relief come across me.

She brings out the bag and I bring it back to the car and call the wife.

Finally, we head back home.

Thank you mom.

Note: that was the first time I ever left a bag anywhere, let alone the airport curb. Lessons learned…

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