planeIt seems like whenever I fly to a search conference, the same people time and time again are on the same flight with me. Jonathan Mendez, Steve, Kevin Lee but he is missing on this flight.

Yes, Jon is sitting in first class – he flies a ton for his new job, so he deserves it. The others, well – they are sitting in rows 9 and 10, right next to me. Kevin, well – typically he is on the same flight with us but not this time. Maybe he isn’t going to show for this conference or maybe he now has a private jet? 🙂

I find it funny how the same crew is always on the same flights from New York to the hot search conference. I guess it makes sense flying from New York to San Jose but there are plenty of other flights that go direct from here. In addition, we fly together to Chicago, Vegas, Seattle and the list goes on.

I guess the odds aren’t that great but still funny – or maybe it is not funny and I am just incredibly bored and would write just about anything to keep me occupied?

Time to put down the pen…

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    I will keep reading even if it sounds like this

    When u are writing about people on the plane and they are not famouse people its time for u to put down the pen

    RELAX Get some shuteye
    u deserve that

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