IMG_2674.JPGPeople ask me why I typically don’t attend the after hours parties at conferences. There are a few reasons:

(1) I am a boring person. 🙂
(2) I’m fairly quiet and like places that aren’t noisy.
(3) I am so tired at the end of the day.

Let’s look at the upcoming SMX that I am leaving for tonight. I will be landing, with Tamar, at midnight EST time. By the time we get to our rooms, it will likely be well after midnight. I’ll do work as soon as I get to the room and finally go to sleep maybe midnight PST time. I will then get up at 5am PST due to lag and cause I have to do work. What will I be doing? Everything I do every day, pretty much but with less help. Danny and Chris are running the conference. Tamar is exclusive to conference coverage only at conferences. But I like to do it all.

  • I’ll do emails when I get up
  • I’ll do forum research
  • I’ll blog forum topics at SER
  • I’ll do RSS and seo research
  • I’ll blog at SEL
  • I’ll probably then pray, shower, eat
  • More of the above and deal with RB stuff
  • With minutes to spare, Ill run down to the convention center and then do live blogging
  • While live blogging, Ill do the above items throughout the day
  • Meet with companies and friends in the industry
  • Stop off in exhibit hall to say hi to friends
  • Keep this up throughout the day
  • Go back to room to do recaps of the day’s news, coverage and stuff
  • More RB work
  • Eat frozen kosher dinner meal cold
  • Quick run to a party and say hi and then leave soon after
  • Head back to hotel room for more work
  • Shower, rest and sleep
  • Back up at 5am PST repeat from top

Most people are tired during conferences but I am often too tired for the parties. So I need to apologize in advance if I can’t make a party or a dinner invitation.

One thing I am not looking forward to is doing all of this on Thursday and then taking a 10pm PST flight back to NY. Getting off the plane at 5am (EST) on Friday, driving my car back to the office, and working a full day.

At least I can sleep 12 hours Friday night to catch up.

I should add… I know a lot of other people continue their day jobs and other responsibilities while on conferences. I am not the only one and some of those people even manage to party all night.

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  1. Carrie

    Hi Barry,
    I feel your pain – I have every intention of “going out” and attending the late night get togethers, but by the end of the conf. and after I’ve found food and caught up on emails etc…I’m exhausted.

    Worse yet is how I feel the next morning when I DO go out – something similar to that wad of gum that always appears on the bottom of my shoe when i walk through an airport.

    I choose my after hours stuff carefully now – and would rather skip some loud party and keep caught upon work than return from a conf. and be so far behind the light at the end of the tunnel is non-existent.


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