continentalTell me this, why is the Continental Presidents Club always incredibly packed? Specifically the club in Newark airport?

They have two here, in Newark airport.

Each one is maxed out…

So the same thing happens over and over again. You get in, you walk around the room in a circle for two or three cycles until you find a seat with a plug. When you sit down, you see the same people doing laps around the club, doing the same thing you did. It feels like looking for a parking spot in NYC.

Anyway. Flight is, of course, delayed. But I am in the lounge now, blogging away.

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    Just be happy that u can go to this room and all

    some of us sit outside like the regular people and all

    what time did u take off at the end

  2. Dan

    Actually, there’s three — two in Terminal C and one in Terminal A. I flew LAS-EWR-DCA on the red-eye last night and this morning. Got off from LAS, showered in the main PC in C, went over to A, and waited there for my flight to DCA.

    In C, I didn’t go in so I can’t speak… but in A there were literally 10 people there this morning.

    The reason they’re packed is because EWR is such a cluster@#$% that a large number of people are delayed at any given time. Add to that the traffic in NY/NJ which caused people to add in extra time to get to the airport, and you have people getting there at 3 for flights at 5 that are delayed until 7.

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