Expanded Keyword List of Google Subscribed Links

Today, I decided to finally expand the query list (keywords) that would trigger Google ‘subscribed links’ to show up when you do a search. Did I lose you? Let me explain… If you subscribe to the Search Engine Roundtable’s Google Co-Op subscribed links When you do a search at Google, when logged into Google, you

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 31, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: The video recap is live. Google is updating. Google’s live chat session rocked! Google China bolds in red? Google goes dark. ContentAds beta is out. Yahoo Slurp is thirsty. Yahoo announces new support hours. Google indexing index.html pages as root? Is number ten better then eleven? Some fundamentals on link building for


Google Schwag from Google Ad Manager Team

I received a surprise in the mail today, schwag from Google. Specifically the Google Ad Manager team. In the box was this card: No way did I expect Google to send me stuff for my How To Set Up Google Ad Manager On Your Site or Blog. Heck, I write about Google all day, every


The 4×4 Meme

Tamar tagged in on a 4×4 meme. I like the idea. You answer four questions, with four answers and then tag four additional people. So here it goes: 4 Things I Have Done in the Past 4 Years (1) I got married (2) Bought a new house (3) I helped launch Search Engine Land (4)


I Thought I Work Hard: Greg Sterling Totally Makes Me Look Lazy

I’ve praised Greg Sterling before, but he deserves way more praise, especially from me. Greg is an outstanding writer and works way harder than I do. First, he posts his insights at Screenwerks and blogs a heck of a lot at Search Engine Land as the contributing editor. You can read his impressive bio at


Installing a Ceiling Fan

Yesterday, I installed a ceiling fan in my bedroom. I am preparing for the summer months. I am told a ceiling fan can save big bucks. I.e. I won’t have to leave the A/C on all the time, cause the fan should be enough to cool us most of the time. In any event, with


Quickly Open New Tab in Safari

Spotted via MacWorld, you can open a new tab in Safari 3.1 by simply double clicking in an open space in the Safari window. Let me demonstrate: See the arrow in my picture of the open space near a tab? Double click and you got a new tab. So if you are out of a

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 28, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: YouTube does stats. adCenter shares their limits. Google bugs out on webmaster verification. AdSense says no to blending. Microsoft violates WebmasterWorld. Tips on Google’s quality score. Google adds robots.txt generator. SEO strategy documents for sale. Standards, do we need them? Google maps adds to street views. Search in pictures is out. Search


I Did Not Join Search Engine Journal

Kevin Heisler wrote at the Search Engine Watch News blog that I left Search Engine Land and joined Search Engine Journal based on a piece of scraper content. Scraper content is basically a robot that steals content from several sites and combines them to try to make them unique. In short, it put my name

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: March 27, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: More insight into the META description and search snippet. Google updates sitelinks again. More details n tomorrow’s webmaster central live chat is live. Yahoo’s quality index is updated daily. Google releases AdWords API 12. Design with SEO in mind? SEO is a bad investment? YouTube launches stats. Earth Hour blacks out Google