apple logoIf there was one non-search trend I saw at the SMX West conference it would have to be Apple Macs. It seemed like almost everyone had Apple MacBooks or Powerbooks at the event.

I remember the days when I was doing live blogging in 2003 and I was like the only one with a Mac. In fact, the paid wireless didn’t even work on my Mac cause it wasn’t supported. Those days are long over. It really seemed like the majority of those in the conference were using Macs.

The Search Engine Land team had a meeting and three of the six of us had MacBooks on the table. Vanessa Fox, Rob Kerry and myself all had Macs. Tamar just purchased a 17″ MacBook Pro. Danny Sullivan just told me he caved and purchased a MacBook Pro. What has the world come to?!

Heck, even Louis Monier (the man behind Alta Vista) took out his iPhone during his keynote at SMX.

Now, get this. Last night, my brother-in-law called me to tell me he is also going to cave. He said he is going to buy a 17″ MacBook Pro tomorrow (today), fully loaded. He plans on doing the dual boot and run Windows mostly and mess with Mac OS X for fun. It won’t be long until he switched to Mac as the primary, imo.

My main concern — are you guys all really ready? 😉

If you need any support, you know who to call… Not me, by Apple Care ;-).

I am afraid I can’t say, “Buy a Mac” anymore when people have computer issues. Now they will buy a mac and call me for help!

Update: Danny blogged about hell freezing over just a few minutes ago.

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  1. Brother In Law

    HEY! I told you that in confidence!

    I wasn’t ready to be outed yet…

  2. Cathlyn Driscoll - SearchEngineFriend

    Danny Sullivan bought a Mac????!!! OMG!!!!
    He should have known that ‘resistance is futile!’
    Will this be the end of his Apple Rants???

  3. dittohead

    I think that many people are buying Macs not just because they work but because they are “cool” and the “in thing” to do. Most of my friends are doing just that, switching from PC to Mac because their other friends are dong it. I wish people would buy Macs more for what it can do for them than the “it’s cool” factor.
    As for me, I just bought a PC laptop even though I have a PowerBook G4. Why? Because I wanted to run Windows but didn’t want to shell out $$$ for MacBook Pro. Too many of them have been stolen in my school lately.

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