RAB Lighting  - WPTS70Yesterday, my brother helped me install a new external light fixture over my garage. Besides for freezing our hands off (man it was cold in the morning), we successfully put it up in place of the old light fixture.

I purchased a RAB fixture that is designed to only turn on when it gets dark outside. The fixture is supposedly very power efficient, as well as very illuminate. It is made for the out doors and good in wet areas.

In the past, I used this cheap fixture that held two normal bulbs. The bulbs frequently blew out, I think cause of being exposed to moisture and the bad, cold weather.

I left them on for a good 25 hours or so every Friday night through Saturday night. Why? Cause I am not allowed to turn on or off lights during the Sabbath. Also, having a motion detector is an issue as well, because when I walk up to the house, my walking will trigger the light to go on (this is a common issue in Jewish law for the Sabbath, it gets more complicated and I won’t go into it). The best solution, I could come up with, is a light that goes on at night, by itself. That was this light.

So as a test, I checked it out last night. If you are looking for a light like this, let me warn you that it gives off a very yellow light. Much like street lamps. So if you want a more ‘white’ light, then this isn’t for you. But if you don’t care, this seems like a great solution. It lights up a huge area, here is a diagram:

RAB Lighting  - WPTS70

I have the 70 watt version and I think I mounted it either 10 feet or maybe 12 feet high, not sure right now. So it does a good job lighting up the drive way. During the rest of the week, I will keep the light off (I have an override switch), but Friday night through Saturday night, it will stay on – but it will turn off automatically during day light hours (unlike my previous light).

For the front door lights, I purchased attachments for standard bulbs, that detect the night and turn off the lights X hours after it gets dark. I found them for really cheap on ThingFling.com a week or two ago. I get them today, I wonder if they turn back on when it gets dark again…

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