Today, I decided to finally expand the query list (keywords) that would trigger Google ‘subscribed links’ to show up when you do a search. Did I lose you? Let me explain…

  • If you subscribe to the Search Engine Roundtable’s Google Co-Op subscribed links
  • When you do a search at Google, when logged into Google, you may see special results in the search results.

For example, if you subscribe you and search for doubleclick, you will see the latest Search Engine Roundtable articles related to DoubleClick. It looks like this, within the search results, probably in the fourth organic result:

Google Subscribed Links

It, by default, shows the last three articles that match that keyword. How does it know which keyword to show up for? I tell it. It used to be just my categories, plus some added keywords based on the categories. But today, I decided to enhance that and use the over 1,500 tags from the site. Yes, I try my best to tag each piece of content with keywords that describe the content. I decided to pull from my tags database to add more keywords to the list.

I also decided 1,700+ were too many, so I made a rule that if the tag is used in three or more articles, then it should be part of the keyword list that triggers the Google Co-Op. If it is two articles or less, then it won’t trigger a Google result.

So if you are looking for pages on robots, slurp or matt cutts, I likely have recent content that will interest you.

My Google Subscribed Links
My Google Subscribed Links
My Google Subscribed Links

If you haven’t subscribed, you might want to now, because the content is fresher and richer then every. To subscribe to the Google Co-Op, click here, you can always unsubscribe easily at any time.

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