I trust the content in my videos are fairly okay but I never really put in any detail into the movie part. I think I bore people when they watch, so this time I put in about an hour of time to adding captions, pictures, screen captures, music and other tidbits – besides for me speaking.

So here is the latest Weekly Search Buzz Roundup video:

Would seriously love your feedback on ways to improve it. Things I got so far include:

– Your head looks like it’s getting cut off
– Make sure not to right align the text in the captions (YouTube logo cuts it off)
– Move picture behind me
– Move more (hard to do with built in iSight so maybe ill get a video camera)

That is what I got so far…

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  1. Hawaii SEO

    Looks Good! – I like the intro, exit and most of the transitions.
    I like the captions at the bottom. The white bar with black text seems to work the best because it seems to cover the YouTube logo. Maybe you could zoom out and move over to one side so you can show a box over one shoulder with a graphic versus using captions at the bottom.
    Some sort of branding element might work well in the background as long as it’s not too distracting.
    The music playing while you’re speaking didn’t work for me but I do like it in the intros, exit, etc.
    You should introduce things that you cut to… “Here is a screen capture of…” versus just cutting to it. Maybe you can speak about the screen capture while it’s still on-screen versus going silent for a moment.
    I hope this is helpful,

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