Right now I am sitting in the Hotel Valencia Santana Row waiting for the west coast to catch up to the east coast. The hotel is very nice and comfortable, not a huge hotel – which is really actually nice.

In any event, there is this basket of junk food on my right. I drank the $4 bottle of water, but the rest I did not touch. If you add up all the food in that basket, I bet it comes out to just about a $100 (yea, a snickers is $3, the cheapest thing in the basket). Here is a picture:

Hotel Valencia Santana Row

Yes, typical of all hotels – but today I had time to blog about it.

I actually got two free diet cokes, valued at $4.08 each, this morning. I was thirsty and ran out of water. So I went to the restaurant downstairs and asked for diet coke, two of them. She said, its $4.08 each, I said, fine. She came back with two cups of diet coke and said, “this time, its free.” I said, “thank you so much.” Ha, I showed them. 🙂

Well, they did get me for the $4 water and the $20 parking fee. Got to love hotels.

But I do highly like this place, for some more pictures of my room, see Flickr.

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