employeesI learned a while ago that I cannot expect my employees to work as hard as I do for my company. It is my company and the more I put into, hopefully the more I get out of it. But in reality, hard work does not always pay off (don’t tell your kids).

But I don’t expect my employees to work as hard as I do. I do expect them to work hard and they do. But I don’t expect them to work as hard as I do. I figure, you set an example and hopefully it encourages them to work harder. I do have some employees that work incredibly hard, maybe two that work as hard as I do. Since they read this blog (yes, I know you read) I won’t name names…

BUT… I do expect that if I work for someone they work as hard as I do. I expect that. If it is your business, you should care more about your business then I do. Sometimes, be it with clients or other work, I get the feeling that I care more about their business then they do. That bugs me, it really does. Why should I work my brains out and pick up the pieces when they care less than I do?

Anyone ever feel that way?

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  1. Hawaii SEO

    It doesn’t bother me so much. (It’s none of my business what they do as long as I get paid what I’m owed.)

    Sometimes it’s not how hard you work but how smart. I’ve had jobs where I got twice as much done as the other guy in half the time and made it look easy. In other cases I generated a boat-load of revenue from one or two simple ideas while other people worked there asses off all year long but never made a measurable difference.

    8 hours a day is about my limit. Any more than that and I likely have one of two problems.

    If I can’t get the job done in 8 hours, I probably suck at my job. (Maybe I should find a new job that I’m better at.) Or… My workplace is short staffed. (Staffing is not my problem. Trying to get me to work more hours is not a scalable or long term solution.)

    I don’t have any employees but if I did, I would love it if they were able to work smarter than me. I wouldn’t care if they played video games all day and then went home early… as long as they made me boat-loads of money I would be happy.

    Also… When I’m on my death bead… The last thing on my mind will be work. I seriously doubt that I’ll be laying there, dying & wishing that I had spent more time at work.

    If I get hit by a bus tomorrow… Someone new will be at my desk doing my job within a week or less.

    On the other hand… My family won’t be so lucky. It won’t be so easy to find a new daddy or husband.

  2. Josh Garner

    I agree with you Barry. If I work for a client or company harder than they do, then I feel it could reflect poorly on my name. This may be a bit nit picky, but I would to hear “oh, you worked for them? Didn’t they go bankrupt because they couldn’t manage their own bills?”

    And, usually with full-time employment, you never feel fairly compensated. I don’t think anyone under upper management level does. Just the way things are. But add to it the perception that your workers are working harder for your company and caring more than you do, and they will start to question why they are doing so, and likely pull back quite a bit.

    I hope, when the day comes that I can hire someone(s) for SEO Factor, I will be of the right mindset to prevent these things from ever becoming an issue.

  3. gabs

    ok.. The first question is “what is work ?”

    My dad always told me that you get paid for the stuff you don’t like doing..

    I like a hell of a lot of what I do thus get paid very well 🙂

    The crap I hate doing within a business is the bit that earns me the $.. .

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