trafficAs many of you know, this week is the SES NY conference. Since it is fairly local, I drive in each day.

What do I get out of driving in? A deep appreciation for not having a commute each day and every day. Hundreds and hundreds of people from my town drive, train or bus in to NYC each day. It kills three or more hours a day for them. Yesterday it took me almost 2 hours to get into the city. On the way home, I had to play games and take riverside drive, as opposed to the west side highway, to make it to the GW Bridge, only to hit major slow downs on the Palisades.

Typically, getting to the bridge is fine – but once you get into NYC, it can take 30 minutes to go one block.

Anyway, I am fortunate to own a business and live within ten minutes from the office. Does it mean I wake up any later? Nah, still up and out by 6am but if I didn’t work as close, maybe it would be 5am?

I am off to the last day of SES shortly, hope the traffic isn’t horrible – it should be late enough now to not be too bad.

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  1. Rob Montalbine

    Haha driving into the city isn’t that bad. In NJ, it’s almost a right of passage. Fortunately there are a ton of option for commuters, even if they are getting more expensive by the day!

  2. wife

    Now you understand why I am so tired during the week, and you rarely get a home cooked dinner Tuesday and Thursday 🙂

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