iPhone SDKSo today, Apple held their iPhone developer thing…

I watched several blogs live blog the event, but for you, I think Engadget does a great job if you are just catching up now (they use the oldest to newest format, so it reads the right way for you guys not watching live.

In short, the SDK seems to rock. Rock so much that if you have an idea for a cool iPhone application, let me know and I will try to build it.

So leave your suggestions for the iPhone application you think would be cool and we may just build it for you.

Some ideas I had include:

– Prayer book for Jews (current one I use only works when you are online)
– QuickBooks application to look up customer balances, invoices, etc.

Any other thoughts? It is hard for me to think of desktop based applications. I am more about web based apps…

More info can be found at iPhone Developer Connection and iPhone Enterprise (which I didn’t mention here).

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  1. Barry Schwartz

    Video recording. 🙂

    Honestly, there are probably four other developers doing that now.

    I looked at the SDK, it does not support hebrew, so jewish prayers are out.

  2. Hawaii SEO

    Awesome! :^)

    Here is my wish list.

    I want to save phone number shortcuts home screen just like the shortcuts to websites.

    I want to bookmark websites I’m on with my Google Bookmarks. I want this to be as easy as doing it with the Google Toolbar. Maybe if I were to double-click the round button, something could pop-up and help me with the bookmaking.

    I want to import bookmarks that have been exported from Firefox.

    I want to create screen captures and email them to myself.

    I want a file browser. I would like to save large Photoshop files, word documents, Power Point presentations and spreadsheets into folders and then be able to access those folders from any computer with a USB interface.

    I want to be able to download things like PDF documents from the web & save them into onto folders.

    I want to be able to attach saved documents into email.

    I have a lot more suggestions but these are my first choices.


  3. Hawaii SEO

    Disable headphones: This application would create a situation where you can disable headphones in the iPhone’s settings. For example: You put in your headphones and nothing happens, the iPhone continues to work as if there were no headphones in the jack.
    I need an application like that because I keep the phone in my pants pocket and lint or dirt gets into the headphone jack and device stops working properly. The iPhone thinks it has headphones in the jack when it does not. The only way I can make a call is if I use speaker phone. If I could disable the headphones, I would be able to use my phone like normal until I can get to the Apple Store for a cleaning.
    The folks at the Apple Store tell me this is a very common problem. It’s happened to me 5 times already. It must be a design flaw (along with the other design flaw that prevents normal headphones from fitting).
    BTW – I tried keeping the phone in my shirt pocket but almost lost it into a public toilet when I bent over to clean the seat. ;^) From now on it stays in my pants pocket.

  4. Barry Schwartz

    I will look into that, thanks for the idea..

    Regarding the iphone slipping, try Incase Molded Rubber Case- Black – model # TN563LL/A – it does wonders.

  5. Jon

    Medical apps are the way to go…. My son is on dialysis 3 days a week due to Kidney Failure. Its a real pain keeping track of blood pressure, meds,potassium, salt levels, water intake, pee volume etc, its always changing and must be charted for reference.
    I am sure everyone on dialysis would pay $10 plus for an app that took away the mental hassle….

  6. Jonas Remgård

    I have a sugestion that might sound kind of odd since i read you were jewish.
    I wish to have the bible in swedish in my iphone, but i’m not good enough to build it my self. Maybe you don’t have so much to do some day and want to try to make it 🙂
    Hope to hear from you!

  7. Hans P


    Someone invent an app that simply disables the headphone jack. The failure of Apple to make a headphone jack that works totally handicaps the phone.

    Many of us have this problem and it completely makes the phone useless.

  8. Dave

    I am completely on board with the “disable headphones” app. I am so sick of being stuck in “headphones mode” and not being able to do anything about it!! Like right now, my phone is basically useless because it says “Ringer (headphones).” No headphones plugged in… and I’ve tried every single solution offered from Google search results… all to no avail.

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