This plane never even made it down. Watch the plane try to land but it is being blown around too much to touch down. It manages to climb right after it tries touching down. Reportedly it landed at a different airport later.

German airline Lufthansa has said its pilots had averted a crash at Hamburg airport after winds of more than 150 mph caused a plane with 130 passengers on board, to veer dangerously on landing.

“Just before landing, the plane was hit by a very strong gust of wind that led to the left wing touching the ground very briefly,” said Juergen Raps, Lufthansa executive vice president of operations.

The left wing grazed the runway for a moment, but the pilot was able to stabilise the aircraft and take off again in what a spokesman called an ” absolutely professional manoeuvre.”

More news on this at Google News.

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  1. Fumi

    Good thing I was not in the plane, I would of screamed like a little girl and pooped in my pants.

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