Yahoo Search LogoI have a meeting with a crew of people (who exactly, I am not sure) at Yahoo Search tomorrow. It is some sort of “advisory meeting” and I am delighted I was able to make it this time and even more delighted to have been invited to join.

I am not sure if I can blog about me even going, since I really can’t blog about what we talk about – but I am blogging that I am attending the meeting. Under NDA, like all of these things, I will only be able to blog about things in that meeting that I have permission to write about. So until then, I won’t be saying much more.

I have been at Yahoo advisory meetings in the past. The first formal one was when they launched Panama, the new Yahoo Search Marketing platform in October 2006. At that meeting, Yahoo Search Marketing hooked me up with some excellent Yahoo schwag. I wonder what type, if any, schwag they will have at this even.

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