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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: April 30, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google is promoting iGoogle themes. Google may find more of your duplicate content. Who do you block in AdSense? Search controversy sparks again. Are SEO firms legit? Google Toolbar PageRank update is underway. Google to map the ocean. Live Search adds features and content. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Promotes iGoogle Artist


Annoying Plastic Packaging

As you know, I was thinking about getting a new hard drive to house my raw search recap videos. So I swung by Best Buy and bought a Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB External USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive in the Intense Blue color. Why? cause it was on sale and I had a

Just Interesting

Turning The Lights Out While Taking Care of Business

This afternoon, the bathrooms on my floor were closed for construction. Just a few minutes ago, I decided to stop by and take care of business. When I opened the bathroom door, I noticed the lights automatically turned on. In addition, I also noticed the bathroom light switched was removed. It seems like they installed

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: April 29, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google Maps is missing stickers! Google does toolbar PageRank update. Google’s ads looking less ad like? Committing SEOicide. AdWords shows pscore, mCPC and thresh. Google tries VisualRank for images. Yahoo outsources calls via Jajah. Google adds street views directions. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Maps Stickers Gone Missing Google Updates Toolbar PageRank:


Lawn Management Time

Spring came and now the grass is growing… Since I moved, and owned a lawn, I had to cut my grass maybe twice. But now that the warm weather is approaching quickly, I will hopefully have a full season of grass cutting ahead of me. Thing is, my lawn is still trying to grow grass.


Thinking About Getting Another Hard Drive

I have many hard drives for my personal computer. I have a hard drive to mirror my main hard drive. I have a hard drive for doing Time Machine backups. I have an old mirror hard drive that I don’t use anymore. Of course, I have my main hard drive in my laptop. And, my

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: April 28, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Yahoo Local adds circles. Google flight results are not paid. How much do you earn during the week with AdSense. Click fraud decreases. StumbleUpon links, what are they worth? Sitelinks update or bug? META Keywords in US Court. Google Product search updates. Sitelinks and the minus 60 penalty related? Google AdSense to


I’m A Top Tech Blogger

Surprised? TechCrunch compiled a list the other week of the top tech bloggers based on a historical analysis of Techmeme. The thing is, it doesn’t look like they took into account all the blogs I write at, and only processed data based on one blog. Heck, I’ll take position 54, even though the “list doesn’t