Foreclosure Rate Heat Map - HotPads.comTechCrunch had a piece on new mashup by It basically shows you the foreclosure rates per capita in any area they have data on.

Of course, being a nosey neighbor, I want to see how bad it is in my area. Yes, it makes a huge difference on the value of your own homes. Plus, I don’t want to see a lot of red, cause it may be people I know.

The legend, I posted at the top right of this post shows you the heat maps grades of low to high rates of foreclosure. I can tell you, my home is in the yellow area, with no immediate homes foreclosing, at least, based on this chart. I do see blocks that I know people live on, with homes up for foreclosure – which upsets me. Here is a screen cap of that map:

Foreclosure Rate Heat Map -

As you can see, it looks like a scary picture…

Let’s zoom out to the Tri-State New York area:

Foreclosure Rate Heat Map -

Doesn’t look all the great. How about a wide view of America?

Foreclosure Rate Heat Map -

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