I am sitting in the back of this car, typing away on my computer, writing this blog post, as I am being driven from Suffern, NY – two hours to Troy, NY to speak at Link Ninja’s thing for Jim.

My battery has a little over two hours left, so by the time I get there, I should be all dead. I do have a spare, fully charged for the two hour trip back. I also plan on presenting on this machine, using Keynote. So it will be charging during my one hour presentation.

I need to talk for one hour? No idea if my presentation is even that long. I have almost a 100 slides on Universal Search and how to take advantage of it. But I talk fast. Anyway, it should be fun. A lot of other SEMs that I am friendly with will be there.

I love being able to work while commuting, this is the only way to travel!

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    VERY cool that u can travel and work at the same time


    GOOD LUCK On the speach hope it goes well
    and talk SLOW

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