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I Got It Easy?

Dare I admit it? In the house chore department, I got it easy. Why admit it now? Well, this weekend, was the last two-days of Passover. We had my in-laws and family over for the full two-days. My wife also invited over my parents, my sister and kids and my brother and kids for a

SEO Tips

A Historical Look at My Link Bait Attempts

I figured I try to write a useful post on linkbaiting, since it is currently on the top of mind of many SEOs. So I figured I go back in time and highlight some of my past linkbait attempts. So you know, I did not think of them as linkbait back then, but if I

Daily Grind

Getting There… After Flu Weakness

So I have been sick since Saturday night/Sunday morning. I typically get sick on holidays or weekends, not sure why – but normally when I get really sick, it happens on days I am off anyway. Sometimes, these sicknesses linger into work days – I hate when that happens. Monday, I was off for Passover.


It’s Going To Get Real Quiet Soon: Passover Break

Listen up, it is going to get very quiet here until Tuesday. Saturday night is the first day of Passover, so that means I will be offline, unreachable, until Monday night. So no need to stop by here until Tuesday. I hope to have a bunch of stories then, but nothing until then. What are

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: April 18, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google rocks Wall Street. Webmaster Tools flakes out again. Yahoo continues Google ad test. Yahoo spikes advertisers bids up. Google shares more revenue with publishers. Google Video redesigned. My video recap is live – you can win. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google (GOOG) Stock Surges Overnight After Awesome Q1 Announcement Google Webmaster


11th Video Blog Complete: Here Is a Recap

Here are all my video blog entries for the weekly recaps I have been doing at the Search Engine Roundtable in one YouTube player: YouTube has a vblog feature but it kinda stinks. Subscribe to my real video feed for iTunes or other updates.

Just Funny

When a Morbid Joke Goes Bad

Not going to mention who this text exchange is with, cause it is not important. I know this person wouldn’t mind me mentioning it, but since I didn’t clear it 100% with the individual, I won’t say who it is… In any event, don’t you hate when a morbid joke goes bad? In this case,