On the way back from the bank, I stopped off at the Pizza store to buy lunch. I go to this pizza store very frequently, like several times a day – okay, maybe not several times a day, but a lot…

Today, the store, was simply broken. Here is the run down of how it went:

(1) Order Pizza
(2) Move to cashier to pay
(3) Notice huge line to pay
(4) Notice two people working on the single cash register
(5) Notice them failing at fixing it
(6) Someone asks for ice cream, response was – sorry, it is not working
(7) Someone tries to go in child ride (you know, small little toy ride thing), but it is “Out of Order”
(8) Someone asks for ice, response: “Sorry, the ice machine is broken.”

Thankfully, I walked out with the food, and I was able to pay via credit card (the credit card machine was working).

But I seriously wonder if some disgruntled employee decided to break a few machines, including a kid ride, before quitting?

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