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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: May 30, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google goes low with new favorite icon. Google’s mysterious and disappearing AdSense ads. Sitemaps won’t delete in Webmaster Tools. Google got more people looking at more ads. Don’t forget SEO when building links. Google tests and tests. I helped out Google’s Merchant Search. Search in Pictures is out. Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

Just Interesting

Amazon Indians Photographed

Survival International has posted a new stories and pictures of rare photographs of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes. Here is one photo: All in red. Now I understand why the smurfs are blue: In all seriousness, I find these pictures very interesting. This tribe is near the Brazil-Peru border and they were taken

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: May 29, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: SMX coverage schedule is live. Google dislikes keyword insertion in URLs. Can embedding videos improve your rankings? Belgian publishers seriously sue Google. Google audio has some quirks. Search 4.0 is on it’s way, says Danny. Google does Everest – well, kind of. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: SMX Advanced 2008 Conference Coverage Schedule


Remixing My Search Video Recaps

I find this funny. Sam from OhNuts did a “re-mix” of my May 25th video recap. Here it is: Awesome job Sam! To watch and subscribe to my weekly search video recaps click here.


Syncing My Contacts from Apple’s AddressBook To Google’s Email

Not sure if I told all of you, but I made the plunge and switched not only my corporate email to Google Apps, but all my clients (several hundred) email accounts to Google Apps. In fact, via Slashdot, DreamHost who hosts 700,000 web sites, is encouraging their customers to switch email from them to Google

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: May 28, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Yahoo updates. Google delays video ad API support. Does Google support acronyms? Microsoft and Siemens teaming up to sell search ads? Opera is not supported by Google. Hacked sites and Google. AdSense on a government website? Microsoft does social bookmarking. We got a serial click fraud lawsuit firm out there. Advertisers are


My Second Wedding Anniversary is Today

Today is my second wedding anniversary. It feels a lot longer then just two years. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. Kind of like I feel I have known my wife for my whole life but it has really been less then four years (two years married and the rest dating).


Driving Through Buckets Of Rain

This afternoon I had to drive up-state a bit, up to Newburgh, NY for a meeting. I actually met with a company that makes things out of steel. Yea, it was an interesting place. That is for another blog entry. On my way home, the sky opened up and it felt like someone threw a

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: May 27, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google’s webmaster tools bugs out at midnight? Would you buy a nofollowed link? Don’t block your 301s. SES Toronto’s party schedule is live. Google’s international filter seems a bit off. Update your AdSense account to a Google account. Are link buys worth it? Yahoo is updating their index. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: