iPhoneIf so, I am so on that. Yes, The Boy Genius Report has an internal email to AT&T employees that implies that Apple will be releasing the 3G iPhone on June 15th.

In short, the emails tells AT&T employees to not take vacation between June 15th and July 12th in anticipation for “an exciting product launch.” Everyone and his dog are buzzing that this “exciting product launch” has to do with the 3G iPhone coming out.

Will I get it? I certainly will, unless something comes up where I can’t. I did buy my iPhone on July 11th, so it would be just under a year from when I first got it. It honestly feels like I got my iPhone a few months ago, but not, it has almost been a year. I’ve written about the iPhone dozens and dozens of times. I honestly have no regrets in the iPhone purchase. I will also likely be one of the first to order the 3G iPhone, pending on my schedule of availability.

Note, the Apple Developer Conference ends on June 13th, two days prior to the June 15th announcement. Now, I fully expect the SDK to go live then, but everyone else thinks it will also be the 3G iPhone.

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  1. Sheryl Sisk Schelin

    Y’know, I’m still conflicted. I love the design, no question, but is that reason enough to switch? I’ve got a Blackjack right now, and so far it’s good. Syncs w/ my .Mac address, good internet, no complaints @ call quality. But oh, that iPhone is a pretty, pretty thing.

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