M&T Bank LogoThe other week, I finally had the bank agree to give me remote check deposit for free. They asked if they can come in to meet me, so I said okay and we just had the meeting this morning.

I knew two people were coming, but it ended up to be three people. A branch manager, VP of retail regional manager and VP of business and professional banking. The latter was a last minute join, because she happened to be at the branch and decided to tag along. The meeting was about answering my questions about the remote check deposit and then to see if they can sell me on anything else (without looking like they are selling). Honestly, I had no desire to meet with anyone. The first question they asked was did I have questions on how remote check deposit worked and so on. I said, maybe one – but I kind of knew how it worked. I did get one piece of information that was useful. They then offered to send someone in to help me set up the scanner. I said immediately that I could figure out the installation, and I really don’t need someone to make a special trip to help with that. Then we went on to talk about credit lines, insurance, mortgages, and a few other banking products that I really don’t need – thankfully.

Okay, now to the point….

What I think the bank wanted to do was show some faces and build a relationship with me. Why? Well, when the whole remote check deposit episode took place and they told me the costs, I decided to be frank with them. I said, that other banks offer it for free and I may go to the other banks because it simply is a great service. Honestly, I have been with M&T Bank, my bank, since I was 12. I really like the bank, I never had an issue – they have tons of branches in my area and they treat me very well. But I don’t care for the relationship. If they provide good customer service and I don’t have problems, I am happy. If they provide similar tools to other banks and I can utilize those tools, then I am happy.

I am a loyal person, sometimes too loyal (might have a post on that in the next month or two). I have been with M&T for almost 20 years. My personal accounts are there, my business accounts are there and I would have placed my mortgage with them if the rates were competitive (who knows, I might switch). But, I am honestly very loyal to them and to my clients and vendors. If you treat me right, I will treat you right – at least I hope you feel that way.

In any event, for me, customer service is not meeting faces. For me, customer service is purely about convenience and honesty. Do what I need to do faster and more accurately and I am a happy camper.

There are a lot of banks pitching a “personal touch.” I personally do not find value in that. Do you?

Sorry for the crazy long post. Sorry for typos/grammar, these long posts tend to get interrupted mid-way several times by calls, emails, employees, IMs – and I don’t proof-read, making for major mistakes.

Oh, I hope to get my remote check deposit thing soon. Can’t wait!

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  1. Chris Bartow

    I’ve switched banks a ton lately because of issues and costs. They really try to hard to build a relationship and then just fail at it.

    I hate the fact that I have to go to the actual building still. I deal with it for deposits, but changes? Why can’t I just call the 800 number? They argue it’s for security, but its totally to up sell.

    I have a rich friend that gets whatever he wants from the bank. At some point if you get enough money in your account you can just wave your hand and ANY fee magically disappears.

  2. bank dude

    u knew when they set up the meeting that they were coming to sell u something.
    why did u even let the meeting happen
    what a waist of time and u knew that

    whatever at least u got ur machine
    that is what counts

  3. wife

    Think of all of the extra time I will have when I don’t have to make your deposits!!!

  4. Ben

    I agree on the relationship thing, they tend to fail at it and just do a lot of talking. I just last week got the same sales pitch from Wachovia on “building a relationship with you”. You could tell they were being told to tell you this. When it came to actually getting anything done, the rep took a week to call be back and insisted that I come down in person to complete every transaction which is 30 miles away from my office. I just wanted to call a phone number and tell them what I needed to get done.

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