Google announced that YouTube added demographic data to the video stats (aka YouTube Insights). It is really awesome, at least until I looked at one of my search videos and noticed that 90% of my viewers are male and 10% are female.

Come on!

How depressing is that!

Here is the chart:

YouTube Demographic Stats

Very depressing! Well, I assume there is a skew here, but still.

It also shows age groups, here is my break down:

YouTube Demographic Stats

But you can see what ages each gender is by clicking on the pie chart. My 10% of women are between the ages of 25 and 35.

YouTube Demographic Stats

Neat stuff. How about my most popular video?

YouTube Demographic Stats

25% female, with a wide range of ages.

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  1. Chris Bartow

    Add celebrity gossip and your female viewership will shoot through the roof.

    “Britney Spears was searching for a new pair of shoes to wear to her court hearing. Sources close to the party say they are fabulous.”

  2. No Name

    Sorry to hear you aren’t obtaining the female viewership you desire! Perhaps hire a few male models to appear behind you shirtless? That may assist you in your targeting efforts! 🙂

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