Typewriter RepairAsk.com: We’re Not Dead from Andy at Forbes discusses the recent news that Ask.com Buying Dictionary.com Parent.

In Andy’s interview with IAC’s Jim Safka, he called my worries about Ask.com’s future in search horsesh!@#@. He said that in response to to Danny, Lisa and my thoughts on them cutting staff. Okay, so they bought Dictionary.com – good. Let’s see search algorithmic improvements. Let’s see a better search index. Show us something outside of UI changes. You can have a nice UI, but without the index to back it, then you are nothing.

And I quote the Forbes:

Safka has a response: “It’s horseshit,” he told Forbes.com in an interview. “It’s categorically not true. We’re more committed to our algorithm and engineers than ever.”

Give me a break. Show me index improvements. Show me algorithmic improvements. I have been hearing excuses since 2002, let’s get serious. Core search, core!

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  1. Eric

    Amazing. They continue to produce what they call you, and apparently you’re wrong for doing your job and providing opinion and analysis on their industry.

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