Neil Young & Java
Neil Young, one of my favorite musicians, has seriously embraced technology at the JavaOne conference today. He, along with Sun, announced that his entire music career will be put on Blu-ray disc.

The first release will contain years 1963-1972, and will be available on 10 Blu-ray Disc set available this fall from Reprise/Warner Bros. The content will include Young’s music, movies, videos, personal archives, memorabilia, photographs, letters, handwritten manuscripts and more.

You can preview some of this at Also, here is the Java page:

Rock legend Neil Young is bringing you the most comprehensive, dynamic and interactive career archive ever released with the help of Java technology. His amazing archive, releasing on Blu-ray Disc, is like a time capsule of his career in high definition. With seamless Java powered navigation, you can browse through photos, articles, video clips, and memorabilia, and even have Internet connectivity, all while listening to his legendary music delivered in 192 Khz, 24-bit PCM—for the best possible audio experience. The first 10 Blu-ray Disc set covering Young’s career from 1963-1972 will be available from Warner Music this fall. Neil Young and Java: bringing a legend’s career and achievements to life for you.

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