If you read the Search Engine Roundtable, which I assume many of you do, I would hope you will take our first ever reader survey. The survey is designed for us to learn more about you and at the same time, glean information on how we can make our content, design and features better for you – the reader.

I have 15 questions at the poll, which you can access by clicking here.

If you can please take the survey, I would really really appreciate it.

Finally, comment here with what I should give away as a prize for those who take the survey. I.e. win crazy amount of search schwag? An iPod? Etc…

I hope to post the survey at the Search Engine Roundtable this weekend. At that time, I will pick a prize and announce it there. Feel free to help me decide on the prize.

But please please please take the reader survey, pretty please. 🙂

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  1. Rhea

    iPhone!! Might be a bit pricey though.

    What about dinner w/you at the next conference? ::wink, wink::

  2. John Jones

    Search Schwag is always going to be a nice gift to pass along.

    If I win I may have to pass on the dinner as I don’t see travel or conferences happening in the near future with my new baby here.

    Perhaps a personal interview / Q & A between you and I for my blog instead and a connection to one of your SEO Guru contacts for the same thing?

    – JJ

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