You know what happens when your throughput is incredibly fast? You get really really hot cables that burn through the plastic wrappings. Here is a picture of one cable that borked out at RustyBrick this morning:

Burned Ethernet Cable

Okay, I lied. As per the new required Google disclosure, I am tagging this post with a rel=hoax attribute.

In reality, the cable was laying on a baseboard heater. I guess after time, it burned its way through.

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  1. Winooski

    Doubtless it’s all from your caustic sense of humor.

    Hey, speaking of which, if you can’t use the rel=”hoax” attribute, I have it on good authority that you can use the following:

    <i>meta name=”veracity” content=”hoax”</i> (or <i>”truth” or <i>”It’s all relative, baby!”</i>)

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