Google Contacts Apple SyncNot sure if I told all of you, but I made the plunge and switched not only my corporate email to Google Apps, but all my clients (several hundred) email accounts to Google Apps. In fact, via Slashdot, DreamHost who hosts 700,000 web sites, is encouraging their customers to switch email from them to Google Apps. Honestly, I switched for the same reason I switched off PHPAdsNew to Google Ad Manager. I don’t have to patch for security, I have no server load for hosting it, the data is up in a cloud, I don’t have to worry when there are issues and it has awesome features. So, I switched. Kind of scary.

Now, back to my contacts. I use Apple’s Address Book application for managing my contacts. Of course, it syncs with my iPhone. But I also wanted that data in a cloud, just in case I need to access it when I don’t have my phone or computer (yes, extremely rare for that to ever happen). In addition, it is backed up in a cloud (yes, I am obsessive about running backups with my computer, but still…). I was waiting on SpanningSync to come out with their tool to sync my address book to Google Apps, but last night, Apple released OS version 10.5.3, it came with support to sync your address book to Gmail (Google Apps).

I followed the instructions at the Google Mac Blog and I was set. Oh, if you are not an iPhone user, Lifehacker has a hack to enable you to sync your stuff to Gmail. I am not sure why it was restricted to iPhone users only but it is, without this hack.

Schedule wise, I do sync some of my calendars to Google Calendar, but not all. I might begin syncing my full calendar to Google Calendar, so I can easily share it with everyone in my office.

I can’t believe I am giving over virtually all my data to Google. But in exchange for the convenience, piece of mind and ease-of-use, I couldn’t resist. Good job Google!

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  1. Matt Cutts

    Woohoo! Congrats on making the switch! I saw the post about syncing contacts on the Mac blog yesterday and thought of you. 🙂

  2. Sebastian

    I don’t have Leopard, but would like to use that feature, sin in tiger the Sync with Google does not exist, does anyone know of any program I can use that can help me with this feature? Thank you

  3. Alex Parker

    Once you implement and set this up, when does it actually do the sync? or initiate it? I set it up, but do i have to click a button or does it automatically sync every 5 minutes? or upon login or what? i can’t seem to find out any info on it

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