Home DepotYesterday, I spent about four hours with Home Depot trying to get a patio set.

I first went to the one closer to my home. I arrived and asked the service desk how I can order a patio set. She said, write down the SKUs and bring them to the register. So I went to the patio set on display, and wrote down the SKU written on the label. I then go over to the register and try to order it. The sku is invalid. So they try to get someone to help me. It turns out, that after trying for several minutes, the SKU written on the table was wrong. But when I ask the Home Depot associate to give me the SKU for the coordinating umbrella, he was unable to help.

So this associate tries to get someone else to help. After about five minutes, he gives up and goes back to his register. I then sit there waiting for a garden agent to come and help me. They call the agents several times, but after waiting about 20 minutes, no one comes. So I go on the service line and wait there for 15 minutes and as the line doesn’t move, I give up. I find someone one the side and ask him for help. He says, you need a garden agent. At that point, I say, I had enough, Im going home to get all the SKUs from the web site.

I go home, I get all the SKUs together and then call the web site number to see if I can order it online with free shipping. I can buy the patio set online and get free shipping but the umbrella does not qualify for free shipping. I ask, even if I get both, the umbrella doesn’t ship for free. He said no. I then ask him if he can find out if they have them in stock. He says sure and then comes back on the phone to tell me, he doesn’t know if they have them in stock. I give up and decide to call the local stores.

One store gives me the answer quickly, telling me the umbrella is out of stock but the patio set is there. I then wait on hold for the other store, maybe about 10 – 15 minutes, to find out they have it in stock, both of them. So I drive to the other Home Depot and go to the register to order them.

I give her a SKU and she gets all confused. She said she needs the box. I said, I don’t have the box, but I am suppose to give you the SKU so you can get it from me. She then gets someone to help me, who runs around the store for 10 minutes looking for the box. He is then told by a garden rep that the patio set is outside somewhere and he has to get it. 30 minutes later, I see my patio set roll up to me.

I then pay, almost paying double because the register person ringed it up twice. Then they say, I will need help getting it into my car. Guess who they send? A man who looked to be over 60 years old. I help him get it into the car, but he is struggling so I decide to lift it basically by myself.

Then off I go home, to set up the new patio set.

I open the box to find that the top of the table is cracked. Ugh!

I call Home Depot, they ask me to bring it all back. I tell them it is too big, can I just bring the top tile. They said okay! I was delighted and when I went back to exchange it, the manager there remembered me and said I can swap out the broken top with the top on the display unit. Now that saved me another 45 minutes, so I was happy.

Four hours at Home Depot or on the phone with them and I secured a patio set. Four hours!

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  1. Mickey

    That is PRECISELY why they’re having financial trouble (closing 15 stores, I think). You used to be able to find an orange apron in every aisle. To save money, they’ve greatly reduced their staff. The reduced staff is leading to reduced customers, which is a bit of a problem…

  2. Mike

    i work for home depot in the garden area in ny and i deal with the patio sets and all that… i am sorry you had to go though that you shouldn’t have had to. Next time ask to see a manager and do not let them leave until you are properly attended to.

    And no HD is not having money trouble. They closed 15 stores that weren’t making money in very low profit areas. And no we did not reduce staff to save money. Staffing has actually been ramped up. Our previous CEO Bob Nardeli messed the company up fierce, and now HD is climbing out of that hole.
    The new CEO and president has ramped up new programs for merchandising and service that you will see explode before the end of the year.

    again sorry to hear you had problems with them but that goes to lack or associate discipline. Which should then be reported to the Manager On Duty(mod).

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