Daily Grind

Boring Weekend, Got a Tie

It has been a long time since I had a boring weekend. In fact, I miss them. Nothing like being able to sit around, watch TV and just relax. So after work on Sunday, I came home, got a quick hair cut and then got a tie. After that, I went home and simply relaxed.


Old Man by Neil Young : One of My Favorite Songs

Many of you know I am a Neil Young fan. But I am not sure I told you about the first time I remember hearing his music. I believe it started with a song called, “Old Man.” I first heard the song when I was maybe 9 years-old. I borrowed my older brother’s mix tape

Motor Vehicle

How Far Can You Drive on Empty?

I live in New York, but I am about 20 minutes from New Jersey. New Jersey gas prices are much cheaper than New York prices – so I typically like to fill-up in New Jersey, when I pass through. Yesterday morning the gas tank light went on. I was too busy to get gas in


It’s Official: I’m The Short Stumpy One

Last night, my wife’s sister got engaged to a wonderful guy she has been going out with for almost two years (I think that it’s been almost two years). So last night, we had a small party for the family, to celebrate. I won’t get into the details of the party or stuff like that


Live in Tel Aviv? Computer Savvy? Want a Job?

I got this great client that has offices both in New York City and Tel Aviv, Israel. They are named American Israel Cultural Foundation, basically they hook up sponsorships for Israel students looking to pursue their culturural talents. If you are into music, art, dance, etc – and you are computer savvy, you might like

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: June 26, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Yahoo cleans up people search. Do more toolbar PageRank updates happen quietly? Check out a Google malware warning. Find do follow sites. Google updates links in webmaster tools. Link building tips that are risk free. Ask is not focused on core search. 404 errors galore! Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Yahoo People Search

SEO Tips

Let’s Pool Together to Buy .SEO & .SEM TLDs

Many of you already saw the article from the Wall Street Journal named Web Domains Could Expand Broadly Under New Plan. If not, in short it says, the company that manages the domain names, ICANN, said they will be offering a plan for companies and organizations to purchase their own TLD (top level domain). A