Jesse Jackson @ LGAThe only time I check bags is when I am wife my wife. Every other time I go to the airport, it is wife a carry on.

Sometimes we use what is called the curbside check in. Basically, you pay an extra fee to check your bags and get your tickets outside of the airport, on the curb.

What I find funny is that often the curbside check in lines are longer then the lines inside. Imagine this:


So, basically, if you understand my ASCII illustration, you will notice that many checkin counters are on the other side of the wall, like two more feet in, passed the curbside checkin area.

Not only do you not have to wait on a line outside, you can also checkin without paying an extra fee.

Am I missing something? What is the benefits of the curbside check in, in today’s day and age?

Oh, the picture above is when I was checking in at the curb and I saw Jesse Jackson at LGA about two years ago.

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  1. Scott Clark

    I think it’s largely because people want to “check stuff off their list” as quickly as possible. Kiosk check-in or e-check-in doesn’t work for lots of people and many are scared of travel.

    I like it when I’m “sending off” my wife for a trip and don’t want her to have to lug anything. Worth it then.

  2. curb check in

    WE do it also sometimes

    but we havent done it the last 2 trips not always worth it

  3. Simon Heseltine

    I did it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. No line outside, long line inside, and I was on crutches. For $4 I was all checked in a couple of feet after being dropped off, and wa able to slip inside and wait for the wheelchair to whiz me through security 🙂

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