I am finally there. I am elite! I have elite status on Continental Airlines. This year, I promised I would stick with one airline in order to gain enough miles to give me some type of perk. My flight to Seattle a couple days ago earned me the 326 + miles I needed to obtain the 25,000+ miles to gain the silver Elite status.

What does Elite Status look like. Here is a screen shot of my account at continental.com:

Elite Status on Continental

It also changes at least one thing on some other pages. I now see I am automatically added to the upgrade list. I know I won’t see those upgrades, because they go to platinum and then gold members before silver ones, like me. But at least it is there:

Elite Status on Continental

My complimentary upgrade feature is automatically on.

Why am I writing all of this? Because I wanted this type of information when I was researching it and no one blogged it. So maybe this will help someone in the future looking for this information.

In any event, tomorrow I get to board the plane on the blue carpet. I think my life is now complete.

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  1. Igor The Troll

    Nice to see you are being honored!

    All this hard work is finally paying off!

    Maybe if you keep flying with them, they may even fly you on a private jet! Now that is the true definition of being an Elite!

  2. Hawaii SEO

    Believe it or not… You should also start receiving offers and promotions from Continentals competitors who are trying to get you to switch brands. Possibly even cold calls. It’s kind of like reaching an elite status level with a credit card company. All of a sudden you start getting all kinds of credit card offers.


    CONGRATS on ur status
    what an honor that is

    so when traveling with the wife
    she goes on the regular carpet and u are on the blue

  4. Brother-in-law

    I’m so proud of you.

    When you hit Platinum in the month of March (like me), you’ll know that you have finally arrived (to the place where you realize that you’re spending WAAAAAYYYY to much time on the road.)

  5. Hannah

    I found your blog as I was googling ‘Continental Silver Elite status’ – I’m hoping you can answer a question for me. I realise this post is a little old….but hopefully the same rules still apply to Elite levels! I finally just got Silver Elite Status with Continental (as of Nov 29th 2010), and when my Elite OnePass card arrived in the mail, it says it expires 02/11….so February 2011?? This means I only get Elite status for 2 -3 months? Do you know how long your Elite status lasts for?
    I’ve read their website and it’s not exactly clear – I’m thinking of calling them to check.
    Any info much appreciated!

  6. Barry Schwartz

    I believe if you earn elite in 2010, you retain that elite status throughout 2011 and even January 2012. Technically, it should expire February 2012, unless you earn elite in 2011 and then it continues through 2012.

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